Month: June 2018

aka MrRealSt8

The More People The Better

MrRealSt8 explains how a great marketing strategy can really pay off and be a lot of fun.  

The More Attention The Better

 MrRealSt8 provides his visitors with tasty gourmet hotdogs from Sway City Hotdogs along with a cold drink on a warm sunny day.  

The More Signs The Better

 Hardeep sets up signs for  his Mega Open House and explains how important it is to have a lot of signs out.  

Bless This Home

MrRealSt8 visits his clients for their house warming party and Puja.  

Relationship Business

MrRealSt8 shares the bold strategy he suggested to his Buyers in order to get the house they wanted.  

Back To Back

MrRealSt8 juggles his appointments on another jam-packed weekend.  

The Struggles

Hardeep shares how real estate isn’t as easy as it looks.  

About Perception

 Hardeep explains why people shouldn’t be judged by their appearance.  

MrRealSt8 Mindset

 Hardeep is mentally prepared to take action.  

You Know

You know… I’m just playing a little.