Meet Hardeep

aka MrRealSt8

Working with people has been a passion of mine since I was in grade school. When no one wanted to volunteer, you could count on me to take initiative. From being a leader in the classroom, to being a captain on my sports teams, my goal was always to lead my team to victory by getting everyone to work together and be on the same page. Even in my circle of friends I was known as the "Ring Leader" (haha).

As life went on, I began my career working with people. The more smiles I saw on my clients faces the clearer my vision got. The more clients that came back excited & brought back their friends to introduce us, the clearer my mission got. Self discovery through others experiences with me is how I discovered my mission in life.

My mission in life is to impact and make a positive difference with everybody that I come in contact with. My goal is to help as many people as I can in my lifetime. I want to let others know that I am there to truly help them. I know I will take care of my clients & friends more than any other agent will. Monday or Sunday, rain or shine, holiday or birthday, I am working for you.

Reach out to me anytime for anything, whether you are buying real estate or not.

- Hardeep Singh

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