Meet hardeep

a.k.a Mr.Realst8

Yes, I'm the agent with the pink emoji, and turban.
Setting trends is second nature, and 1st is taking care of everyone like my own.

The Struggles

Hardeep shares how real estate isn’t as easy as it looks.  

About Perception

 Hardeep explains why people shouldn’t be judged by their appearance.  

MrRealSt8 Mindset

 Hardeep is mentally prepared to take action.  

You Know

You know… I’m just playing a little.  

First Things First

 MrRealSt8 explains why education comes first when buying or selling real estate.  

Appraisal Review

 Hardeep shares some good news with his client.  

Just Call Me

 Just got another follower – thank you!  

Remodeling Tips

Hardeep Singh offers remodeling ideas to his Clients to help prepare their property for a quicker sale with the highest return.

Housing Bubble?

 Buyer’s want to know: Are we in another housing bubble? Hardeep shares how the demand for housing has surpassed inventory and caused a rise in resale value.

Educating Neighbors

Hardeep Singh explains how he educates the neighbors at his open houses as they all want to know how hot their neighborhood is right now.