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aka MrRealSt8

Track Everything

MrRealSt8 shares how he monitors the amount of traffic he gets for his open houses.

The Summertime Surge

 MrRealSt8 explains why there is an increase in inventory in the summer and how Sellers need to strategize to capitalize.  

Mega Open House – Sunday Part 3 of 3

 MrRealSt8 gives 3 quick tips to help Sellers get top dollar for their property.  

About Contingent Offers

 Hardeep Singh a.k.a. MrRealSt8 explains why contingent offers can be good offers but how they need to “wow” a Seller to get accepted.  

Tip For New Agents

 MrRealSt8 shares the one thing that he wished he had implemented when he first started out in real estate.  

How I Got This Listing

 Hardeep Singh a.k.a. MrRealSt8 shares how he assisted a For Sale By Owner in pricing their home at fair market value and got an offer over list price.  

Interesting Rate Comparison

Hardeep Singh gives an example of how a 1% rise in interest rates will affect a Buyer’s leverage.  

List Price Matters

Hardeep Singh explains how he strategically priced a home to get his clients more than they expected.

How Hot Is It?

Hardeep Singh explains how it is a seller’s market in King County, Washington with varying degrees of hotness in certain areas.